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Overview Of Little Swan Suspended Platform.In order to ensure the high definition,the size of below pictures have to be big.So please be patient,it will be 30 second or more to  fully load down one photo  view.

Overview Of Little Swan Suspended Platform


A reliable company with

  • 24 years on manufacturing suspended platform.(since 1990)
  •  13 years on exporting suspended platform
  •   6 years on manufacturing suspended platform for Europe
  •   8000-10000pcs suspended platform of LITTLESWAN every year in Chinese market
  •    It’s market share ranked #1 in China for years

Worldwide customers are located at Russia, Germany, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, UAE, Qatar, Kuwait, India, Indonesia, Vietnam , Phillips.

Littleswan warmly welcomes you to visit us for suspended platform (suspended scaffolding,suspended gondola,suspended cradle) & BMU cooperation. We are in a position to supply you proper solutions and excellent service.

We have started to manufacture window cleaning machine , which have been widely used on high curtain wall buildings. It has the advantage of high safety and multifunction, meanwhile, it can wash the buildings completely, the working span life is more than 30years.

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