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1.Little Swan Building Machinery:

Wuxi Little Swan Building Machinery Co., Ltd, was founded in the 1960’s as the first Chinese suspended platform manufacturer. Little Swan, from the beginning, has been a leader in supplying reliable access solutions with scaffolding and suspended platforms by integrating R&D, production, marketing, renting, and services. Working at great heights needs to be safe and easy, which is why our full line of suspended platform solutions undergo extensive testing to ensure the safety and ease of use.
We have more than 200 talented employees in the Technology and Design Center, the Production Center, and the Quality Inspection Center. In 1997, we successfully passed qualifications for the ISO90001 Quality Management System Certification within the suspended platform industry, and in 2015, we earned the BV certificate.
We have continued to lead the industry, and have two well-known brands, including Little Swan and Tianai. For customers who don’t see a product in our catalogue that meets their needs, we can customize non-standard products upon request. Our products have several national patents, and the majority of them are CE certified. We have also cooperated with DualLift GmbH to form a joint venture, which we named Wuxi Dual Machinery Co., Ltd., in order to introduce advanced technology from Germany to develop new products.
Our suspended platform has been used in a number of key projects both here at home and abroad, because of our competence, consistency, value, safety and reliability, including Shanghai Pudong International Airport, Huangzhou Bay Bridge, Tianjin 117 Tower, and the Potala Palace in Lhasa, among others.


With a strong production methodology, our company has developed and manufactured all core equipment in our motor manufacturing shop, suspended platform assembly shop, machining shop, and hoist assembly shop. We have a complete range of production equipment, including a complete product assembly line, various CNC machining centers, CNC wire cutting machines and sheet metal equipment. With over 100 sets of production equipment, we can quickly and efficiently meet customer order requirements.
Specialized assembly technicians work in independent assembly shops. They follow the assembly process in real time and focus on all details of production.
We are committed to offering you professional packing and transportation services, as well as impeccable after sales service.

3.Quality Inspection:

Little Swan has established a fully equipped and specialized quality inspection center for testing the safety locks, electronic cabinets, zero-load outdoor, rope breaking, slip-falling speed, centrifugal governors and hoist balances. A full range of testing methods is also used to guarantee the production quality and provide effective data support for product safety.

4.Product Showcase:

Our product catalogue primarily includes the following:
Suspended Platform
Suspended Platform for Elevator Installation
Suspended Platform for Wind Turbine Maintenance
Special Suspended Platform
Mast-climbing Work Platform
Wind Turbine Tower Lift
And other products
As our general manager, Mr. Li Shisheng says, we strive to continue perfecting our products with innovative and improved technology to fully meet customer needs.

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